About the 127 Small Actions Covered in This Book

Well, we’ve now arrived at the 127 small actions that were promised at the beginning of the book. I recognize that 17,000 words is a lot of content to go through to “get to the good stuff.” However, I feel this information was necessary because I don’t want you to look at these small actions and think of them as obvious suggestions.

Remember: The value of habit stacking doesn’t come from the individual actions. Most of us already know how we can improve our lives. What we don’t know is the process for taking all these small suggestions and turning them into a simple-to-follow framework.

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So, I want to give you a challenge here …

Instead of simply reading the following list, look for small habits that resonate with your life. If you feel that a few actions might benefit you, then highlight or bookmark them for future reference. This will become important when you implement this information and start building your own stacks.

The following sections are broken down according to the seven primary areas of your life:

1.      Career
2.      Finance
3.      Health
4.      Leisure
5.      Organizing
6.      Relationship
7.      Spirituality

You could pick one or two habits from each category to have a well-rounded stack, or you could focus on one specific category (like completing a series of habits to improve your career). As always, the choice is yours. This is a choose-your-own-adventure book where the habits you pick are the ones that you feel are personally important.

Finally, each small action is broken down into five components:

1.      Type: Is it a keystone, support, or elephant habit? (Review Part II if you’re confused about the difference between the three.)
2.      Best time to complete: When should you complete this action? This isn’t written in stone, but I feel some habits are best done at a specific point in the day.
3.      Frequency: How often should you complete this habit? Daily? Weekly? Monthly?
4.      Description: What actions do you need to take to complete this habit?
5.      Benefit: In what way does this habit benefit the specific category of your life?

Throughout this list, you’ll find habits that you probably know are important. But I guarantee you’ll discover a few that you’ve never considered before. We have a lot of ground to cover here, so let’s dive right in with the career habits.