Rayburn, Sam Taliaferro (cont'd .)

and “Board of Education,”
fïrst meeting
and LBJ's appointment to Democratie Congressional Campaign Committee
and LBJ's appointment as Texas NYA director
and LBJ's attempttoget Appropriations Committee assignment
and LBJ's bending of unwritten congressional raies, and LBJ's senatorial campaign (1941)
and Marshall Ford high dam
and New Deal “lieutenants,”
resolution of support for Garner(1939)
telegrams on Garner (1940)
and Texas delegation
loneliness of
and New Deal “lieutenants,”
and oil interests
physical appearance
power of:
in Congress
as Speaker of House
as Speaker of Texas Legislature
in Texas, statewide
and publicity
and railroads
relationships, to:
Bailey, Joseph Weldon
Gardner, Sam
Garner, John Nance n .
Johnson, Claudia (Lady Bird)
LBJ, see Rayburn, S. T.: and LBJ
Johnson, Sam Ealy, Jr.
Mann, Gerald
Patman, Wright
FDR, 589 and n .
Richardson, Sid
Wilson, Woodrow
and securities regulation
social life
on tariffs and reform of
in Texas Legislature (1906-12)
campaign and election (1906)
as Speaker
“To get along, go along,”
and utilities

Rayburn-Fletcher Act (1935)

Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC):

广告:个人专属 VPN,独立 IP,无限流量,多机房切换,还可以屏蔽广告和恶意软件,每月最低仅 5 美元

bonds for LCRA
creation of
and Marshall Ford Dam

Record, James

Redford, Emmette

relief, public:

by private agencies
in South Texas


Republican Party (GOP):

campaign funds, compared to Democrats'
and oil money
Raybum's hatred of
strength in Congress, compared to Democrats':
and utilities lobby

Rich, Robert F., 466 and n .

Richards, Horace

Richardson, Sid

contributions, to:
1940 congressional campaigns
1941 LBJ senatorial campaign
and Marsh
and Rayburn

Ridgway, R. Bouna

Riegle, Donald

Rivers and Harbors Committee, see U.S. Congress. House of Representatives. Rivers and Harbors Committee

roads, in Hill Country:

and isolation of area
LBJ's work on
and (Sam Ealy) Johnson, Jr.
new, from WPA grants
for transporting farm produce to market
LBJ's commitment to issue

Roberts, Ray

Robinson, Joseph T.

Roeser, Charles F.

Rogers, Byron G.

Roosevelt, Eleanor:

concern for “lost generation” of youth, 343 and n .
and LBJ's 1941 campaign

Roosevelt, Elliott

Roosevelt, Franklin Delano:

arrivai in Washington (Mar. 1932)
(Herman) Brown on, 469 and banks

and Congress

Court-packing plan

and electrification, rural

and LBJ
and farmers
and LBJ:
and Austin postmastership
and Democratie Congressional Campaign Committee

and financial support for FDR presidential campaign (1940)

and IRS investigation of 1941 campaign funds

LBJ as FDR's man in Texas: for campaign (1939-40); after 1940 elections

LBJ's entree to White House; rarity of audiences with, in early years in Congress

LBJ's reaction to FDR's death

LBJ's senatorial campaign (1941)

meetings: May 1937, first; July 1938, Texas train trip; July 1939, with Marsh; Oct.1940, with Raybum; Apr.1941, before senatorial candidacy announcement; summer 1941, after senatorial election; Jan.1944, with Wirtz; informai

personal rapport

political allegiance, see FDR: LBJ's political allegiance to

REA directorship ofïered and refused (1939)

FDR suggests LBJ may become President

FDR's response to LBJ's 1937 election

LBJ on

LBJ's political allegiance to:

in congressional election (1937)
as congressional secretary
in senatorial campaign (1941); FDR's support in
in 1940's, abandonnant of

and Marshall Ford Dam

Miller group on

and NYA

political campaign of 1939-40, passim

(Herman) Brown's financial support of, and n .
election night
Illinois primary (Apr. 1940)
in poils, v.s. Willkie
popularity: national; in Texas
Stop Roosevelt movement, passim , Third Term issue

relationships, to:

Garner: battle for presidential nomination (1939-40), passim; feud over New Deal; final Cabinet meeting; final private meeting; Garner as FDR's man in Texas
LBJ, FDR: and LBJ; FDR: LBJ's political allegiance to
losing politicians
Raybum, 589 and n .
rural support for
and the South

Roosevelt, James:

and LBJ
and Marshall Ford Dam

Roosevelt, Theodore

Root, Dan

Roper, Elizabeth, see Clemens, Elizabeth Roper

Ross, Kitty Clyde, see Leonard, Kitty Clyde Ross

Ross, Mabel Chapman:

and LBJ's suit of daughter
refuses Sam Ealy Johnson, Jr.

Roth, Fenner

at NYA

Rountree, Payne

Rowe, Elizabeth

recollections of LBJ as young Congressman, passim

Rowe, James H. (Jim)

on campaign financing
expedites politically useful projects
and LBJ
election night (1940)
and 1RS investigation of 1941 campaign funds
as liaison between White House and LBJ's 1941 campaign

on LBJ:

ambitions of
as Congressman
financing campaigns: (1940); (1941)
and FDR
thoroughness of
and White House staff
and Rayburn
on Texas congressional delegation luncheons
on Wirtz

Rural Electrification Administration (REA):

directorship offered to LBJ by FDR
established (May 1935)
and LBJ's senatorial campaign (1941)
loans to farmers' cooperatives
to Pedemales Electric Cooperative(1938)
REA Act (1936), debated and passed

rural life:

amusements (and lack of)
books, newspapers and reading (and lack of)
boredom, child labor
cultural deprivation
economie conditions
purchasing power
relief, public
electricity, see electricity in rural areas
of debt
of electrification
of financial failure
of Indians
financial insecurity
growing up in
health and medical facilities
and ignorance of New Deal programs
and mass communications
political impact of
and power of gossip
on Texas frontier
and leisure
moral and religious attitudes
on drink
on thrift
outhouses and plumbing
political campaigns, see Hill Country of Texas: political campaigns in; LBJ: elections and political campaigns, 1941 (senatorial)
pragmatism of
and isolation
LBJ's work on
(Sam Ealy) Johnson, Jr., and
new, from WP A grants
for transporting farm produce to market
health of
loneliness of
at San Marcos, attitudes of
skills-training of, at Resident Training Centers
work of
of farming
see also farmers, ranchers; farming, ranching, in Hill Country; Hill Country of Texas

Salvation Army

Sam Houston High School, Houston, Tex.:LBJ as teacher and debate coach at

San Antonio, Tex.

becomes 20th Congressional District
“City Machine”:
LBJ's alliance with (1941)
and Maverick
vote-buying in (1941)

San Antonio Express : poils in 1937 congressional campaign

Sanchez, Manuel

San Jacinto, battle of

San Juan (Puerto Rico) Air Base

San Marcos teachers college, see Southwest Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos, Tex.

San Marcos, Tex.: description (1920's)

San Saba massacre

schools, see education and schools

Secrest, Robert

securities, regulation of

Securities Act (1933)

Securities Exchange Act (1934)

Securities Exchange Commission (SEC):creation of (1934)

Selective Service Act: extension of (i94i)

LBJ speaks in House for

Shannon, David A., Sharp, Lacey

Shelton, Emmett

recollections of congressional
campaign (1937)

Shelton, Polk

congressional campaign (1937) as LBJ's opponent

Sheppard, Morris

Sheridan, John E.

Sherley, Swagar

Sherwood, Robert E.

Shields, Paul and Cornelius

Smith, E. Babe

Smith, Lon

Smith, Martin F.

Snyder, J. Buell

soldiers' pensions and benefits

So Relie, Ella

soup kitchens

Southern Exchange, Dallas

Southern Mercury

South Texas

in Depression
and New Deal programs

Southwest Texas State Teachers College, San Marcos, Tex.

academie standards
campus politics
debating team
history of
LBJ at (1927-30)
LBJ visits
Black Stars
Student Council
White Stars, passim
Resident Training Center (NYA project)at
student jobs at
women at, attitudes of
see also College Star; Pedagog

Speck, H. E.

Speer, John

Standard Oil Company

Stone, Sam

Stop Roosevelt movement, passim

Stribling, Clayton, ni

Sumners, Hatton W.

Supreme Court: FDR's Court-packing plan

Sutphin, William H.


farmers and
Rayburn on
reform of


Kleberg on
oil depletion allowance
on sulphur, oil, gas
and Texas Legislature

tax evasion/fraud: IRS investigation of Brown & Root (1942-44)

Taylor, Claudia, see Johnson, Claudia Alta Taylor (Lady Bird)

Taylor, Edward T.

Taylor, Thomas Jefferson (LBJ's father-in-law):

and LBJ
funds for congressional campaign (1937)
and NYA

Tenerowcz, Rudolph G.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)

Texans in Congress

and Garner:
on patronage jobs (1933-34)
resolution of support (1939)
and LBJ


boosterism in
Indians in
political “machines” in
population, early
poverty of its government
power of, in Washington
presidential conventions and primaries(1939-40)
rainfall and agriculture in
seulement of
State Democratie Convention, 1940, Waco
see also Hill Country of Texas; South Texas

Texas. Congressional Districts: redistricting (May 1933)

Texas. Congressional Districts. 4th:

Rayburn as Representative

Texas. Congressional Districts, 10th:

“boxes” bought in elections
election of Representative from:
(1937); analyzed
geography of
LBJ's unfamiliarity with
LBJ as unknown in (1937)
liberal character of
obscurity of its Congressmen
political support for LBJ in (1937)
and FDR

Texas. Congressional Districts. I4th

and Depression
and New Deal programs
patronage jobs

Texas. Congressional Districts. 20th:

formation of (1933)
LBJ and

Texas. Legislature:

constitutional limitations on
LBJ's visits to, with father
and LCR A
and lobbyists
and Marshall Ford Dam
Rayburn as member and Speaker
redistricting by
and taxes, taxation
and utilities

Texas. Liquor Control Board

Texas. (State) Railroad Commission:

Neff on
and oil regulation
Thompson on

Texas Brewers Institute (“Beer, Inc.”)

Texas College of Art & Industries: LBJ considered for presidency of

Texas Gulf Sulphur Corporation

Texas Hill Country, see Hill Country of Texas

Texas Power & Light Company (TP& L)

as political force
and Rayburn

Texas Regulars

Thomas, Albert

Thomas, Elmer

Thomason, Ewing

Thompson, Ernest O.

Thompson, Huston

Time magazine:

on Garner
on Hoover
on LBJ:
senatorial campaign
senatorial candidacy
on presidential campaign (1940)

Timmons, Bascom

transients and hoboes

Truth-in-Securities Bill (1933)

Tucker, Ray, Tully, Grace

and LBJ

“Umble, the,” see Humble Oil & Refining Company

Underwood, Arch


unions, see labor unions

United Mine Workers (UMW)

U.S. Congress:

campaign for (1940)
Coolidge and
court-packing controversy
and Depression
Hoover and
power in
FDR and
Texans' power in
workings of:
committee System
LBJ and
seniority System

U.S. Congress. House of Representatives:

Democratie/Republican control of:
LBJ in, see LBJ: in Congress
longevity of tenure of Texans in
national issues and legislation undertaken by members
relationship to constituents
secretaries [later: Administrative Aides]
seniority System

U.S. Congress. House of Representatives.Appropriations Committee

LBJ attempts to be appointed to (1938)

U.S. Congress. House of Representatives.Naval Affairs Committee, n .

chairmanship of
hearings on Corpus Christi Naval Station
LBJ on
and LBJ's bill (1943) on absenteeism in war plants

U.S. Congress. House of Representatives.

Rivers and Harbors Committee
and Marshall Ford Dam

U.S. Congress. House of Representatives.

Committee on Un-American

U.S. Constitution:

and court-packing plan
Garner on

utilities, public:

as political force in Texas
Rayburn and
regulation of
and rural electrification

Van Zandt, James


bonus issue
Bonus Marchers

Vinson, Cari (“the Admirai”)

Vinson, Fred M.

Votaw, David F.

votes, buying of:

in congressional campaigns (1940)
by LBJ
and Rayburn
in senatorial election (1941)

votes, changing of: in senatorial election (1941)

Waite, Davis H. (“Bloody Bridles”)

Wallace, Henry

commends LBJ to FDR for REA post
LBJ thank-you letter to (1940)
on Rayburn and FDR

Waller, Edwin, III

Washington, D.C.:

entree to, LBJ's
for businessmen
LBJ learns about

Washington Post :

on Democratie Convention of 1940
on LBJ's 1937 election to Congress
on Rayburn and Garner

Watson, Edwin M. (“Pa”)

Webb, Walter Prescott

Weedin, Harfield

Weisl, Edwin

Welhausen School, Cotulla, Tex.: LBJ at (1928-29)

Werner, E. C., passim

westward movement

dreams of settlers
Indians and
Texas boosterism

Wheeler, Burton Kendall

Wheeler-Rayburn Act (1935)

White, Theodore H.

White, William Allen

White, William S.

White House:

LBJ's entree to
rarity of audiences, early in congressional career
see also FDR: and LBJ: meetings
staff, and LBJ

Whiteside, Vernon

recollections of LBJ in college
and White Stars

White Stars (San Marcos secret organization), passim

in Hopkins political campaign
LBJ finds jobs for members

White Stars (cont'd.)

LBJ's membership as political liability

Whitten, Marthabelle

Wickenden, Elizabeth

Wild, Claud

and LBJ congressional campaign (1937)

wildcatters (oilmen)

and East Texas pool
Frost, Jack
Lechner, W. W.
Murchison, Clint W.
political campaign contributions
to congressional campaigns (1940)
to LBJ's congressional campaign (1937)
to LBJ's senatorial campaign (1941)
and Rayburn
Richardson, Sid, passim, 628
Roeser, Charles F.
Underwood, Arch

Willkie, Wendell

Wilson, Woodrow: and Rayburn

Wirtz, Alvin J.

appointed Undersecretary of the Interior
resigns (1941)
and Hamilton [later: Buchanan] Dam
and 1RS investigation of Brown & Root (1942-44)
and LBJ
senatorial campaign (1941)
and LCR A projects:
his fees from
RFC bonds for
and Marshall Ford, Dam
and LBJ's congressional campaign (1937)
nicknamed “Senator,”
and FDR presidential campaign (1940)

Witt, Edgar women in Hill Country:

at San Marcos, attitudes of
skills-training at Resident Training Centers

Woods, Wilton, and n .,

Woolf, W. H.

Woolsey, W. A.

work, in rural areas

of children
of farming
of women
see also Depression: and jobs;
patronage jobs: unemployment

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

World War I:

anti-German hysteria of
draft, military
bonus issue
Bonus Marchers
pensions of

World War II:

LBJ and
and LBJ-Rayburn relationship
LBJ's naval service in
prelude to, and Congress
and FDR's popularity

Wynne, Todde L.

Young, Harold H.

on LBJ:
as liberal
reluctance to take stand on Garner
in LBJ's senatorial campaign (1941)

Young, Mary Louise, see Glass, Mary Louise

Young, Roland

youth of America:

and Depression
education for
jobs for
as “lost generation,”
see also National Youth Administration (NYA)

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Table of Contents

•引言• 套路 Introduction

•第一章•陷阱 Part I THE TRAP

•1• 邦顿家的血脉
•2• 人民党
•3• 约翰逊家的气派
•4• 父亲和母亲
•5• 儿子
•6• “我认识的最好的男人”
•7• “最底层”

•第二章•逃离 Part II ESCAPE

•8• “狗屁”约翰逊
•9• 富家千金
•10• 科图拉
•11• “白星”与“黑星”
•12• “很不寻常的才能”

•第三章•播种 Part III SOWING

•13• 上路
•14• 罗斯福新政
•15• “小国会”的大头目
•16• 志同道合
•17• “小瓢虫”
•18• 雷伯恩
•19• “让他们工作!”
•20• 大坝

•第四章•收获 Part IV REAPING

•21• 首次竞选
•22• 来自河流的分支
•23• 加尔维斯顿
•24• 清账
•25• 芳草地
•26• 第十区
•27• “悲斗”
•28• “我会帮你们争取到的”

•第五章•新天地 Part V NEW FIELDS

•29• 约翰逊先生奔向华盛顿
•30• 一份合同,三封电报
•31• 竞选委员会
•32• 蒙西大厦
•33• 后门

•第六章•溃败 Part VI DEFEAT

•34• “老爹,请把饼干递过来”
•35• “我想见林登”
•36• “议长先生”
•37• “最佳罗斯福代言人”

•致谢• Debts

•参考资料说明• A Noteon Sources

•部分参考文献• Selected Bibliography

•注释• Selected Bibliography

•索引• Index