floods, in Hill Country, control of

FSA emergency loans for (Dec. 1938) ; see also dams

Flynn, Edward J.:

becomes chairman of Democratie National Committee
and LBJ
LBJ's appreciation letter to

Foreman, Clark

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Forrestal, James V.

Fortas, Abe:

and LBJ
and LBJ, as young Congressman
and Marshall Ford Dam
as New Deal young lieutenant

Fort Worth Star-Telegram :

on LBJ:
in Garner-FDR battle
in senatorial campaign (1941)
poils Texas delegation on Garner

Forum magazine

Fox, Noel P.

Fox, Phil

Frank, Jerome N.

Frazer, Edna

Frazier, Hollis

Fredericksburg, Tex.:

description (1913)
Johnsons buy real estate in

Friant, Julien N.

frontier (Texas)

Frost, Jack

furnishing merchant

Garcia, Daniel

Gardner, Sam

Garner, John Nance (“Cactus Jack”):

on advancement in Congress
anti-New Deal,.
and (Herman) Brown
congressional career of
drinking habit
elected Speaker of the House (1931)
financial dealings threatened with exposure
and LBJ
and labor
and Maverick
and patronage power
and Rayburn n .
and FDR:
contests presidential nomination (1939-40), passim n .
final Cabinet meeting (Oct. 1940)
final meeting, private (Dec. 1938)
as FDR's man in Texas
Texas campaign for Presidency(1939-40)
effect of Illinois primary on
funding for
Rayburn's maneuvers for
telegrams on, to and from Rayburn
Texas congressional delegation's resolution on (1939)
and Texas' power in Washington

General Electric Company: LBJ's chance to be lobbyist for (1935)

Genthe, Arnold

George, Kate

German-Americans in Texas:

schooling of
unpopularity during World War I

Germany, E. B.

Gideon, Sim, Glass, Alice:

character and personality
and LBJ
reaction of others to relationship
and Marsh
physical appearance, style

Glass, Mary Louise:

on (Lady Bird) Johnson
on Marsh and LBJ's 1941 campaign n .
on political campaign funds
on sister (Alice)

Gliddon, Reverdy

Gliddon, Stella

Goldschmidt, Arthur E. (“Tex”)

gold standard

Goode, William: on LBJ as debate

coach, teacher
and citizens
duty to “the people,”
and farmers
in Depression
FDR's measures
and public-assistance programs
in Depression
and rural electrification
and veterans
see also bureaucracy, federal; U.S.Congress

Grace Dodge Hôtel, see Dodge Hôtel, Washington, D.C.

Graf, Max

Graham, Elmer

grass of Hill Country

Green, Robert Lee

Greene, H. M.

Guinn, Jack

Gunther, John

Halberstam, David

Halcomb, “Hick,”

Hall, Horace

Hamilton (George W.) Dam

Hanna, Mark (“Dollar Mark”)

Harbin, Estelle, passim

Hardeman, D. B.

on Allred and senatorial race (1941)
on LBJ and Rayburn
on/with Gerald Mann's senatorial campaign (1941)
on political campaigning in Texas

Harding, Kenneth

Harding, Victor Hunt (“Cap”)

Harris, Merton, in congressional campaign (1937) vs. LBJ 427

Harzke, Al J.

Hatch Act (1939)

Hatcher, Jessie (LBJ's aunt)

Havenner, Frank

Hayes, Rutherford Birchard

Hays, Capt. Jack

Heard, Alexander: The Costs of Democracy

Helvering, Guy T.

Henderson, Charles (Chuck)

Henderson, Herbert C.:

with Democratie Congressional Campaign Committee
and LBJ
as LBJ speech-writer:
in Congress
in congressional campaign (1937)
at NYA
in senatorial campaign (1941)

Henderson, Mary: on NYA and LBJ

Herring, Charles

highways, in Hill Country, see roads, in Hill Country

Hill, Grover

Hill Country of Texas:

banks in
brush and cedar infestation
and Range Conservation program
cattle-raising in, see cattle-raising
description of
economie conditions
education and schools in
effect of New Deal on
farming in, see farming, ranching, in Hill Country
fires in
floods in
control of; and FSA emergency loans
German-Americans in
grass of
as Indian stronghold
isolation of, see isolation, in rural Texas
moral and religions attitudes in
on drink
on thrift
political campaigns and elections in:
and railroads
recollections of
roads in, see roads, in Hill Country
seulement of
soil of
as Texas frontier
towns in
water and rainfall in
hauling water
springs emerge after brush-clearing
see also Blanco County, Tex.; electricity; Fredericksburg, Tex.; Johnson City, Tex.; rural life

Hitler, Adolf:

in LBJ self-description
Marsh and Alice Glass on
Mein Kampf

Hobbs, “Uncle John,”

Hobby, William P.

Hoblitzelle, Karl

hoboes and transients

Hoffman, Anna Rosenberg

Hofheinz, Helen, see Arnold, Helen Hofheinz

Hofheinz, Roy

Holding Company Act (1935)

Hollamon, Tom, Sr.

Homeowners Loan Corporation (HOLC)

patronage jobs in

homes, in rural Texas

(Rebekah) Johnson's

Honeyman, Nan Wood: congressional campaign (1940)

Hoover, Herbert:

and Depression
and farm legislation
and farm mortgages and prices
and relief, public
and tariff reform

Hopkins, Alice:

on (Alice) Glass
on (Lady Bird) Johnson
on LBJ

Hopkins, Harry L.

and LBJ
and Marshall Ford Dam

Hopkins, Welly K.:

on (C. N.) Avery
at banquet for LBJ and debate team (May 1931)
conservatism of
on LBJ:
ambition to be President
and (WKH's) appointment as Asst.Attorney General
as campaign manager for WKH(1930)
living quarters of, at Dodge Hôtel
as orator
political aptitude and gifts of
his senatorial campaign financing(1941)
proposes Kleberg as ambassador to Mexico
recommends LBJ to Kleberg
and union contributions to congressional campaigns (1940)
on Wirtz

Hornaday, Walter

House of Representatives, see U. S. Congress. House of Representatives

Houston, John M.

Houston, Samuel (Sam): at San Jacinto

Houston, Tex.:

description (1930)
LBJ as teacher and debate coach in (1930-31)

Huffman, Ruth Ament, see Baines, Ruth Ament Huffman

Huffman family

Hull, Cordell

Humble Oil & Refining Company (“the’Umble”)

contributions to LBJ congressional campaign (1937)
and East Texas pool
Wirtz as lobbyist for

Humphrey, William

hunger marches (1932-33)

Hunt, H. L., Hunter, John F.

hydro-electric power:

and Hamilton/Buchanan Dam
and Marshall Ford Dam
and Muscle Shoals Dam
FDR and
for rural areas/Hill Country
see also electricity in rural areas

hydro-electric power (cont'd .)

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA)
and utilities
see also Rural Electrification Administration (REA)

Ickes, Harold:

and Buchanan and Marshall Ford dams
and (Amon) Carter, on federal funds
and congressional campaigns (1940)
financing of
and LBJ
on LBJ:
and Garner
and Rayburn
and FDR
on FDR:
Court-packing plan
and Garner
and LBJ

Indians (native Americans) in Texas

Inks (Roy) Dam n .

Insull, Samuel

Internai Revenue Service (1RS):

investigation (1942-44) of LBJ's 1941 campaign financing

Irey, Elmer L.

isolation, in rural Texas

and ignorance of New Deal programs
and mass communications
political impact of
and power of gossip
on Texas frontier (19th century)
and youth, opportunites of
see also rural life

Izac, Edouard V. M.

Jackson, Henry M. (“Scoop”)

Jamieson, Ed

Janeway, Eliot

Jenkins, Ross

Jenkins, Walter:

as congressional aide to LBJ
on election night (1940)
recruitment of
and senatorial campaign (1941)
and LBJ
on LBJ:
colleagues' gratitude to
and Rayburn

Jews, European, helped by Marsh and Glass

jobs, see child labor; Depression, the: and jobs; National Youth Administration; patronage jobs; work; youth of America: and Depression: jobs for

Johnson, Alfred (“Boody”)

and LBJ

Johnson, Ava, see Cox, Ava Johnson

Johnson, Cari Wright

Johnson, Claudia Alta Taylor (Lady Bird):

character and personality:
putting others at ease
children of
courtship by LBJ
cultural appreciation
early life
as hostess
and LBJ:
expectations of Lady Bird
as journalist
at Longlea
physical appearance and dress
quotes, on:
commuting between Texas and Washington
Cotulla, Tex.
LBJ: his confidence; his congressional campaign (1937); his health; his parents; his role in marriage; and FDR; his senatorial campaign (1941)
relationships, to:
Boehringer, Eugenia
LBJ, see Johnson, Claudia ...: and LBJ
Johnson, Rebekah
Johnson, Sam Ealy, Jr.
Rayburn, Sam Taliaferro

Johnson, Eliza Bunton (LBJ's grandmother)

on cattle drives
in Comanche attack (1869)
and LBJ's birth
practicality of
sells carriage to buy farm

Johnson, George Desha (LBJ's uncle)

Johnson, Jesse (LBJ's great-grandfather)

Johnson, John

Johnson, Kitty

Johnson, Lady Bird, see Johnson,

Claudia Alta Taylor (Lady Bird) Johnson, Lucia (LBJ's sister)

Johnson, Lucy, see Price, Lucy Johnson Johnson, Luther A.

Johnson, Lyndon Baines (LBJ):

ambition (s) of

affair with Alice Glass as counter to
as Congressman
and (his) education
and father's ambition, compared
frustrated, as congressional secretary
as motivation for making friends of political enemies
national power desired (not State)
political focus of
to be President
subordinates affected by
to be U.S. Senator

appearance, see LBJ: physical appearance

attitudes, toward:

books and reading
education and schools
family's change of fortune
food; see also LBJ: eating habits of
injury, real or imagined
money, see LBJ: and money

and automobiles:

buys his own (1928)
careful checking of
(Carol) Davis'
Deason's, for congressional campaign (1937)
defiance of father about
wild driving, on Washington-Texas trips

birth day

and blacks n ., 407 and n .

campaigns, political, see LBJ: elections and political campaigns

campaign tactics, strategy and techniques:

contact with individual voters
emphasizes opponent's points
money given to voters
votes: buying of; counting; “multiplying” of
see also LBJ: elections and political campaigns; LBJ: political tactics and strategy


attempts to become lawyer
as congressional secretary, see LBJ: as congressional secretary
considered for Presidency of Texas A & I
considers lobbying job for G.E.
discouragements and setbacks in
in politics, see LBJ: political career
as teacher, see LBJ: as teacher
see also LBJ: political career

character, personality and temperament: aggressiveness

ambition, see LBJ: ambition(s) of
bragging and exaggeration
as college student, compared to as adult
confidence/assurance and insecurity:
as college student
as congressional secretary
insecurity; see also LBJ: education of: defensiveness about
as NYA director
as teacher
courage and cowardice
dominance, need to win:
as college student
as congressional secretary
as Congressman: in Congress; at parties
energy of:
in college politics

LBJ, character (cont'd .)

in Congress

in congressional election (1937)

as congressional secretary

with Democratie Congressional

Campaign Committee (1940)

as Hopkins* campaign manager (1930)

at NYA

and relationship to mother n .

in senatorial campaign (1941)

as teacher: at Cotulla; in Houston

flattering and complimenting

flexibility of positions and opinions, see LBJ: refusai to take firm stand

idealism (as perceived)

leadership qualities

need for affection

need for attention, prominence

need for respect

need to win, see LBJ: character ...:dominance

pragmatism, practicality and realism


as congressional secretary;
in Little Congress
as Congressman
about Garner
in (Alice) Glass affair
at San Marcos


sensitivity to criticism

story-telling ability

thoroughness, see LBJ: thoroughness of



running away

in Congress:

and “Board of Education,”
committee assignments; effort at appointment to Appropriations; frustration with seniority System; Naval Affairs
cultivates friends among New Deal“lieutenants,”
demeanor during House debates n .
and electrification in loth District, passim
gets grants from New Deal programs, see New Deal: LBJ and
knows “levers,”
lack of influence as junior Congressman
legislative record
organization and control of office
as source of information for New Deal staffs
speeches made n .
and Texas delegation

congressional campaign (1937), see LBJ: elections and political campaigns, 1937 (congressional)

as congressional secretary (1931-35):

and agricultural issues
diverts attention, gratitude to self
and Kleberg
leaves Kleberg for NYA (1935)
and mail
and New Deal programs
office routines
and patronage power
and subordinates
passim and superiors

conservatism of

in Congress
in Texas

conversational style

see also LBJ: character ...: storytelling ability


as congressional secretary
as Congressman
following campaigns and elections: (1937); (1940); (1941)
with (Alice) Glass
with Latimer and Jones
with mother
at NYA
with wife

credibility of:

about California trip (1924-25)
as child
in college
as Congressman
refusai to take firm stand
see also LBJ: character ...: secrecy

cultural appreciation; foreign

with Democratie Congressional Campaign Committee, see Democratie Congressional Campaign Committee: LBJ and

dream/nightmare (of being caged)

eating habits of

education of:

at Albert School
and his ambition
college: in campus politics; decision to attend; early refusai to attend; as escape from physical labor; fear of failure at; at San Marcos (1927-30)
defensiveness about
defiance of parents on
at Johnson City High School
at Junction School
law school (Georgetown University, 1934)
limitations of, perceived by Margaret Brown
mother's teaching
at San Marcos Normal School

elections and political campaigns:

of (Welly) Hopkins (1930)
at San Marcos (1929-30)
“stolen,”; in Little Congress; at San Marcos (April 1930)
of (Edgar) Witt
see also LBJ: campaign tactics, strategy and techniques

elections and political campaigns, 1937 (congressional):

age as handicap
campaign travels, passim
compared to 1941 senatorial campaign
fund-raising and disbursing, poils
rallies; at Austin; at Henly; at San Marcos
speeches; first, at Johnson home; spontaneous
victory: LBJ's response to;
sources of
voting results

elections and political campaigns, 1938 (congressional) n .

financial support for

elections and political campaigns, 1940:

congressional, nationwide
LBJ's own, congressional

elections and political campaigns, 1941 (senatorial)

campaign staff; typists
compared to 1937 campaign
Election Day
financing, n .; amount of money raised and spent; cash used, passim; effect on Mann's campaign; investigation of, by 1RS; money given away to rally audiences; sources of; sources disguised
physical appearance of LBJ in
rapport with individual voters
FDR's support in
speeches and rallies
tactics vs. O'Daniel
voting results

elections and political campaigns, 1948 (senatorial): position on New Deal

and father:

as adult; and congressional election (1937); at death and funeral of Sam Ealy, Jr.
as child
defiance of; on Calif. trip; on car; on college
imitation of
physical resemblance
political influences
sense of betrayal, humiliation

in fights

and foreign culture: Mexican

LBJ, fund-raising and disbursing:

in congressional campaign (1937)
for Democratie Congressional Campaign Committee (1940)
in senatorial campaign (1941) n . investigated by 1RS (1942-44)
for Texas campaign of FDR (1939-40)


appendicitis (April 1937) and aftermath
exhaustion in 1937 congressional campaign
fear of short life
illness as sign of crisis
pneumonia: (1935); (1940)
rash on fingers

intellectual capacity and inclinations, and n .

and Johnson City, Tex.:

his desire to escape from
his implied identification with founding family
visits: (1932); (1937)

letters, see LBJ: correspondence

liberalism of

in Congress
and FDR
in Texas
see also New Deal: LBJ and;
Roosevelt, Franklin Delano:
political allegiance to

and money:

from (Herman) Brown, see Brown, Herman: financial support for LBJ
as child
in college, financial situation
desire to marry for
his “indifference” to (according to Alice Glass)
Marsh's help with Austin land urchase
in political campaigns, see LBJ: fundraising and disbursing
saves money on aides' salaries
spending habits (personal), in college
tempted by salary of G.E. lobbyist

moods and feelings:

anger at kowtowing to Rayburn
dation in success
fear of losing
pride in Sam Houston High School debate team
quietness: as depression; for thinking/planning
in senatorial campaign (1941)

and mother:

as child
during college n.
and his education

mistreatment (alleged) of Rebekah by LBJ


Rayburn's usage

naval service in World War II

and New Deal, see New Deal: LBJ and

at NYA, see National Youth Administration (NYA)

and oil interests, and n.

contributions to congressional campaign (1937)
contributions to senatorial campaign (1941)

and peers and colleagues:

as congressional secretary; see also Little Congress
as Congressman; Texas delegation
at San Marcos

personality, see LBJ: character, personality and temperament

physical appearance:

attractive to women
as baby
as child; clothing
in college
in congressional campaign (1937)
as Congressman
(Alice) Glass's influence on
in senatorial campaign (1941)
as teacher in Houston
as teenager

physical labor:

attempts to escape from: college as; law studies as; teaching as
at college
in cotton gin, Robstown, Tex.
asroadhand: (1924); (1926-27); effect on his NYA job n .

political aptitude and inter est

ability to inspire crowd
conversation limited to politics
“knowing who's for you,”
meeting and greeting public
memory for names, details
transforming organization into political force: Democratie Congressional Campaign Committee; Little Congress; NYA; White Stars, passim

political career:

aspiration to; be more than Congressman; Presidency; Senate seat; succeed Kleberg as Congressman
chosen in preference to: lobbying; teaching
declines REA directorship (1939)
senatorial bid (1941)
uses each job to take next step
see also LBJ: in Congress; LBJ: as congressional secretary; LBJ: elections and political campaigns

political tactics and strategy:

in campus politics
directs attention, gratitude to self
enemies: avoids making of;
made into friends
getting desired appointment
gifts given
organization/“machine,”; in congressional campaign (1937); “network” created in Texas; NYA as; planting men loyal to him; in senatorial campaign (1941); see also LBJ: political aptitude and interest: transforming organization into political force
refusai to take firm stand, see LBJ:
refusai to take firm stand
secrecy, see LBJ: character ...: secrecy
working behind scenes, unseen
see also LBJ: campaign tactics,
strategy and techniques; LBJ:
elections and political campaigns

and power:

from campaign funds provided to: Congressmen; FDR
in elected (not appointed) office
from influence over federal contracts
from money: (Herman) Brown's, see Brown, Herman: financial support of LBJ; Texas money
national (not State) desired
range of, desired
requires acknowledgment of (his own)
at San Marcos

predictions of failure for

predictions of success

by (R.) Dougherty, Houston teacher
by Evans
by (C.) Henderson
LBJ's own; promise to return to Washington as Congressman (1935)
as President
by FDR

and press and publicity:

in congressional campaign (1937); following victory
on congressional election (1938)
as Congressman
on Gamer and patronage power
for Little Congress
on FDR-Gamer battle
in senatorial campaign (1941)

as “professional son,”

with Evans
with Marsh
with Rayburn
with FDR
with Wirtz

quotes and opinions, on:

ruthlessness of his campus political tactics
Student Council at San Marcos

LBJ, quotes and opinions, on: (cont'd .)

students at Welhausen School, Cotulla, Tex.

refusai to take firm stand:

and ability to raise and disburse funds
agrees with ail positions
as congressional secretary
in FDR-Garner battle
at San Marcos

relationships, to:

adults (as child)
childhood companions
father, see LBJ: and father
fellow congressional aides; see also Little Congress
fellow Congressmen; Texas delegation
fellow students at San Marcos
mother, see LBJ: and mother
opponents, political
students in classes he taught
subordinates, see LBJ: and subordinates
superiors, see LBJ: and superiors and the powerful
White House staff
wife, see LBJ: and wife
women, see LBJ: and women
for relationships of LBJ to in -dividuals , see their names, e.g ., Wirtz, Alvin J.:and LBJ

senatorial campaign (1941), see LBJ: elections and political campaigns, 1941 (senatorial)

social life:

entertains Rayburn
with New Deal “lieutenants,”
with NYA staff
with Rayburn's “Board of Education,”
as teacher in Cotulla


in congressional campaign (1937); first, at Johnson home
in House of Representatives n .
for (Pat) Neff (July 1930)
in senatorial campaign (1941)

and subordinates:

their attitude toward LBJ: ambition; devotion; fear; gratitude
calls them “son,”
as congressional secretary, passim
as Congressman
conducts business in bathroom
criticism of, cruelty to
lack of courtesy toward
loyalty required
at NYA
submission/subservience required
as teacher in Houston
see also individual aides, e.g ., Jenkins, Walter; Jones, L. E.; Latimer, Gene

and superiors and the powerful

as congressional secretary
fiattering and complimenting
as NYA director
as “professional son,” see LBJ: as“professional son”
with Raybum's “Board of Education,”
at San Marcos
see also Evans, Cecil Eugene; Marsh, Charles E.; Rayburn, Sam Taliaferro; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano, Wirtz, Alvin J.

as teacher:

at Cotulla, Tex. (1928-29)
of Dale Carnegie course (1930-31)
as hard taskmaster to students
at Houston (1930-31)
at Pearsall, Tex. (1930)
relationship to students

temperament of, see LBJ: character, personality and temperament

thoroughness of:

in congressional campaign (1937)
as congressional secretary
as Congressman
with Democratie Congressional Campaign Committee (1940)
at NYA (1935-37)
at Sam Houston High School (1930-31)
in senatorial campaign (1941)

travels: California trip (1924-25)

and wife:

demanding and critical attitude
domination of marnage
expectations of wife
and Longlea/Alice Glass affair